Monday, August 10, 2009

deviantART - Simple Text Formatting with Easy Selection of Emoticons

This script provide an easy interface for formatting comments, journals, signature etc in deviantART. You can format your text with Bold, Italic, Underline, Sub and Sup. Along with that, it has a easy "one-click" drop-down selection from all 500 emoticons present in deviantART.


Comment on Deviation

Comment on Profile Page

Writing a New Journal Entry

  1. Get a Firefox browser (if you don't have it)
  2. Install Greasemonkey in your Firefox.
  3. Then, Click here to install this script. (That's All)

For more information about the script like reviews and discussion, see the entry of this script of

Currently, It is not working in "reply" section. Hope Will find the fix soon and will update the script accordingly. :)


  1. You Give Us Very Simple Solution ...For Easy Formatting ! Its Fantastic way to show our feelings ! U include all emoticons ! its Really A Great way to express our-selves ! Nice Attempt Dude ! You Reduce our Trouble Period !

  2. @Gagan Rahi
    Thank you for all!!! Yes, you're right, emoticons are nice way to express your feelings instead of just words, and on the other end IT IS FUN!!! :)