Monday, July 20, 2009

Hack Protest Against Racism in Australia on RAAF Website

Today, I came across this news that RAAF Website was hacked by an Indian Hacker. And the reason why hacker hack the site was to protest against the Australian government on not taking any major steps to stop the increasing Racism on the Indian Student in Australia. On July 16, 2009 a message was shown on the home page of the website as a warning to the Australian President.

This is a warning message to Australian Government. Immediately take all measures to stop racist attacks against Indian students in Australia else I will pawn all your cyber properties like this one.

Many of Indian students have migrated to Australia and other countries, to seek Higher Education and to fulfill there dream of going foreign. But seems like this isn't that easy to do. But in my views this is not the best way to doing protest. Well, I would not like to discuss much about this issue here, because this is quite controversial.

Now, I hope government should now take some major steps related to the security of Indian Student studying in Australia.


  1. Good information Thanks Charandeep bro

  2. i didn't have a good reason to do it unlike them.....

  3. Interesting...i tried hacking lol i was not successful =\