Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adapting Microsoft .NET Framework Technology

It is now quite long, I have updated blog. Actually, it was hard time for me. There were whole lot of bad and some good things happened during this time. Things like not getting good grades and even more worse that again got compartment in one of the subject, really making me fell down. At one point of time, I even thought of stop doing all these computer stuff. But luckily, I can't. :) Later on, me and a friend, was discussing about doing something together and so decided to start a Technology Blog. We started off with very excitement. But later on, we don't write much on it. By the way, blog is

When I was new in Web Technology, it seems like PHP is only giant available to develop Dynamic Web Applications. I really work hard on learning and practicing it. It was really fun. But when I try to build larger Applications. I got stucked every-time. There was so many ideas, which I was unable to implement fully, I always got stuck in between the Projects. The reason is, PHP is a scripting language, which is not targeted for developing a specific kind of Web Applications.