Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adapting Microsoft .NET Framework Technology

It is now quite long, I have updated blog. Actually, it was hard time for me. There were whole lot of bad and some good things happened during this time. Things like not getting good grades and even more worse that again got compartment in one of the subject, really making me fell down. At one point of time, I even thought of stop doing all these computer stuff. But luckily, I can't. :) Later on, me and a friend, was discussing about doing something together and so decided to start a Technology Blog. We started off with very excitement. But later on, we don't write much on it. By the way, blog is

When I was new in Web Technology, it seems like PHP is only giant available to develop Dynamic Web Applications. I really work hard on learning and practicing it. It was really fun. But when I try to build larger Applications. I got stucked every-time. There was so many ideas, which I was unable to implement fully, I always got stuck in between the Projects. The reason is, PHP is a scripting language, which is not targeted for developing a specific kind of Web Applications.
In scripting languages, you have to write each and every logic for your application on your own, like business logic, data logic, presentation logic etc. So, it was hard for the beginner like me to write all these logics, and keep the safe balanced bridge between them. At that time, I was not aware of Frameworks used in PHP like Zend, cakePHP etc. Later on, I started exploring Wordpress. I must say, wordpress is most greatest Opensource application, I have ever seen. Whenever I mess with it, I was like "Hey man, I can do anything with this!". :) And I still love it!.
So, it was last year of my graduation. I was supposed to do a Project. Though it was a formality kind of thing. But still I want it to be Good, and I want to put all my dedication into it. Lecturers at college suggest us to use only Visual Basic or ASP.NET for our Projects. Those were the only two choices available. When I asked them, why can't we use other platform/languages like PHP or anything else? they told Teachers which are going to take your test on Projects are not qualified enough. So, with this confusion and in hurry, I forcibly decided to go with ASP.NET. At that time, I didn't know anything about ASP.NET or .NET except that it is rival of PHP. So I started presuming that ASP.NET would be similar like PHP. We were a team of three. Now we need someone who will guide us in the project. We got this awesome teacher, whom through out guide us very well. I learn alot from them. While my learning, I started feeling like it is totally different from PHP. The main thing is it is all based on Framework, which have everything we need to create a complete Web Application. And the development is so quick. I started feeling that now I can implement my previous ideas/thoughts into real-time Applications, that I was not able to do in PHP. So, I hope that switching to ASP.NET from PHP, will be one of my good decisions.


  1. hi buddy, u r great. i think one day u & ur company(bits&bytes) will compete microsoft. And that day i am eagerly waiting. that all makes us so proud of u and to be an Indian. And dont worry abt grades or comp what so ever as these are the parts and parcels of life.
    Best of Luck
    Your well wisher

  2. Correct @mohandeep singh
    anyways friend its nice to see your site update
    anyways we will think more good for geeksingh

    Best of luck for your incoming projects