Monday, August 10, 2009

When I was a Child...

I love to sit and look at my childhood photos. It's fun to see how we have changed over time and see how ridiculous we looked back then. Here are some of photos. :)

(click on the photo to see it in fullsize)

Singh is King!

My 1st Birthday!!!

This is my Favorite!!!

Mom told me I used to make such faces to copy "rambo" character of some TV serial and I don't remember that at all!

Close Up ;)

Bro and sis's

With My Bro, Roopi


Twins ;)

Hello! Mr. Johnny!

Umm, no caption for this. ;)


LOL! Forcing my sister for a photo. ;)


At Work!


  1. Hey 22ji u look so sweet hehe
    and howz naughty u are in ur childhood irritating ur sis

  2. Really Awesome pics dear....:)

  3. Very Good Pics, Continue to upload more blogs

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