Sunday, August 23, 2009

Orkut Toolbar - Simple Text Formatting with deviantART Emoticons

This script provide an easy interface for formatting scrapbook and community messages. You can format text with Bold, Italic, Underline with different colors and smileys. Along with that, it has 500 really amazing emoticons present in deviantART. Go ahead, install it and amaze your friends with this. :)


  1. Get a Firefox browser (if you don't have it)
  2. Install Greasemonkey in your Firefox.
  3. Then, Click here to install this script. (That's All)
Note: If you're on a low bandwidth internet, you must wait for few seconds so all emoticons loaded, and then toolbar will be inserted into edit section.

Original script is written by Sharath(, I just added a new option which has list of deviantART emoticons.

If you find problem installing, feel free to ask me anything. Will be waiting for your reviews and comments on it.

My Orkut Profile is here, add me and tell me I'm cool. :)

Update: Updated with a "Promote This" Button and new links. You can use it to promote this script. :) Take the cursor at the end and click it!.


  1. fantastic way ...! its pretty cool ! you are genius buddy! you are reducing the troubles of thousands of computer users! Cheers! Keep It Up!

  2. This is such a helpful application.......Thanx buddy............

  3. heYyy daMn Dis Is nT wRoKin iN oRkut..

    I m usIn gmOzIlla wiD greasemonkey bT itz nT workIN..

  4. It is still working in the Old Version of Orkut. Try to reinstall everything again.